Our Story

We’re often asked, where did the name “Sweet & Sawyer” come from? It all started when Sawyer, our company namesake, was in 3rd grade and working on his multiplication and division. While looking for examples, we asked him “pretend we had a candy store. If we had a box of 10 candy bars and it cost $10, how much is each candy bar?” he answered “$1.” We also asked how much it would be if we sold them for twice what we paid? Again his answer was correct as “$2.” Every question, when related to the candy store, was answered correctly and afterwards, he was quiet for a few minutes but then asked “so…can we open a candy store?” We laughed and told him no but thought about it for a few minutes and said maybe but we would have to work on it together. And that’s how it all started. When a new step in the process occurred (we found a supplier, filed for taxes, obtained Food Manager Certification) I told Sawyer how it was working and why. In the fall of 2017, we attended a few school events and booked a space in Southlake Town Square during the month of December. Sawyer was there almost every day, helping set up and break down. Eventually we were able to secure funding and began the plan to open a brick and mortar location.

Starting off, our concept was simply called “Sawyer’s Sweet Shoppe” but his sister Makayla finally had enough and spoke up saying “what about me? What about Sweet Makayla’s Chocolate Milk?” We quickly realized she had not been included so we changed our name and became “Sweet & Sawyer Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe.” The rest is history…


3529 Heritage Trace Pkwy Suite 157
Fort Worth, TX 76244



Store Hours

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 9:30pm

Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Sweet & Sawyer
3529 Heritage Trace Pkwy Suite 157
Fort Worth, TX 76244

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